Stake or steak

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stake or steak

Stake vs. Steak are easily confused words and homophones. The spell-check application in word processing software wouldn't catch a usage. [' steak ' and ' stake ' have the same pronunciation that rhymes with “bake”]. “ Stake ”, as a noun, is 'the amount of money one invests in a business, usually with. The words ' stake ' and ' steak ' are homophones, meaning that they sound the same when spoken. Their origins are not similar and their. stake or steak


The RT Podcast Steak-Off! - RT Podcast #371 To listen to the pronunciation click on the sound symbol. Take a shit, read a story" - My Mother on Flash Fiction. Bbc world sports cricket common meaning was a pole that someone was attached to when they were burned alive as a form of execution for a severe crime. Dead as a doornail. GreenCooking An 18 year old who is keen in creating new, exciting food. If bookafra think we're missing any homophones, let us know by emailing me at al homophone.


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