Secrets in learn to fly 2

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secrets in learn to fly 2

Buy the pheniox feather in the bonus shop and next time you fly when The Easy Way - (Learn the secret by completing story mode) click on. to unlock extra gliders on learn to fly 2 just go into the bonus shop and buy the omega catalog for bonus points What are the secrets on learn 2 fly? 1. Secrets of Learn to fly. Woohoo Its almost got views Im gonna make a part 2 cause i missed some out. secrets in learn to fly 2 Use the Favorites editor. I've reached extreme altitudes but haven't gotten the medal. Click on your money in the shop. Making money out of the extra money you already make with the first book". Dec 26, Once it does and your penguin stops, the guy will pop up and command you to rise. Click under the Whirlybird in the Gliders catalog to receive a free glider.


Learn to fly 2 - 50,649 ft (no cheat)


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